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Critical to the success of any student often lies in the personalized attention they receive on their homework and preparation for school exams.  School teachers do a great job at introducing educational content to our children, but for many children additional help is needed to thoroughly understand and master the material.  Also, there are other students, who need more than just the nuts and bolts of education taught through the traditional lecture format, but instead thrive on being stimulated in a variety of ways using a mixture of teaching methods and alternative settings. 

That' where we come in.  World Class Academic Club provides a highly valued community service that gives students the opportunity to get ahead of the curve by being involved in after school enrichment programs where we focus on providing high-quality common core standards that lead to increased academic achievement.  Our Key Components include:

  • Direct Student Services in Academics and Youth Development
  • Family Engagement Opportunities
  • Community Partnerships
  • Academic Competitions
  • Recreational programs

After school programs keep kids safe and improve student's academic achievement by providing critical opportunities for youth to learn and grow.  Research has shown that students who are involved in quality out-of-school time programming on a regular basis realize the following benefits:

  • Get better grades
  • Have better behavior in and out of the classroom
  • Do better on standardized test

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our entire website and the services we offer.  Lets work together toward a common goal: HELPING OUR CHILDREN SUCCEED!

For further information, send an email to: info@worldclassurbanfoundation.org