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Our club is one of two divisions within World Class Urban Foundation a nonprofit charitable organization that has a multipurpose mandate, including supporting and promoting academics along with amateur sports among our youth thereby developing outstanding student athletes.  Youth education is delivered through World Class Academic Club. Youth recreational sports is delivered through World Class Sports Club. Our overall objective is to create a wholesome environment where kids can simultaneously be educated and physically stimulated.  We believe this can be accomplished best through our after-school enrichment programs which focus on academic development through enhanced learning opportunties and recreational activities through participation in club sports.  We realize society has changed and become saturated with distractions that take aware from quality time our children could be using in a learning capacity.  In our day, children who are not actively engaged in after school educational programs or recreational actives involving sports instead end up watching hours of mindlessly TV, playing video games, possibly becoming addicted to social- networks, or even worse becoming victims to destructive influences such as gangs, drugs, and internet predators. 

However kids who are engaged in World Class Academic Club's after school, Saturday and Summer Camp enrichment programs experienced firsthand the benefits that additional academic instruction can have on their grades, interest in school and competitive spirit acquired through competing in academic competitions.  These characteristics translate into not only succeeding into the classroom, but it also gives children a sense of determination to make their mark on society.  Many parents agree that World Class Academic Club & World Class Sports Club has given their children a sense of responsibility, accomplishment and once again a competitive edge that will surely be needed in the coming future in light of narrowing economically viable career choices our children face amidst a sophisticated global workforce.  Our students have also developed valuable social skills acquired through teamwork and camaraderie along with creating a priceless sense of work-ethic that has become a lost characteristic among our youth.  We invite you to sign up today!